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I AM Precious Oni, also known as; Precieuxjoie, Virgquarius, MELOMAN3 & PARADOXE which each display my different creative personalities. I am a multi-talented creative who has an overbearing obsession with creative expression. I am a model, aspiring property developer, hobby stylist, singer/songwriter, a self taught pianist/composer, writer of poetry, spoken word and romance. 



I have been involved in music from the ages of 8 years old. Composing my own music through instrument and voice. I am a self-taught play by ear Pianist and compose urban jazzy-blues and alternative Soprano Jazz-Soul sound singer. In 2020 I began working on my E.P which is soon to be released.



I am a multi-published model and have modelled in disciplines such as; E-commerce & Commercial (Fashion & Beauty), Editorial, Catwalk, Body Parts and Fashion Films; I have modelled and partnered for some amazing brands including; L'Occitane en Provence, Lick Home, Le Salon, Crowned Elegance, LADBIBLE and Agora App to name a few. I have featured in platforms  such as SHUBA Mag, GUAP, GQ & Black Hair and Beauty Mag.



I have been writing poetry/spoken word since the ages of 8 and romance based short novels from the ages of 15 and aim to spread more awareness to my work - you can find links to my work on this website as well as information on my services on the services | information tab.


"There's no point trying to fit in, when all known legends stand out" 

Precious Oni

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London, United Kingdom

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