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Multi-published Model | Multi-faceted creative |  Life Coach
(Campaign model for The Kemist)

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I AM Precious Oni, also known as; Precieuxjoie, Virgquarius, MELOMAN3 & PARADOXE which each display my different creative personalities. I am a multi-talented creative, Accredited Life Coach who has an overbearing obsession with creative expression. I consider life to be a journey in which we will learn and progress if we desire, I am a strong believer in freedom of the mind, transforming your identity to embody and embrace true self with love in order to ignite others. 
Find out about my services & contacts below. 


P.S With Love 
Precious Solutions Co. 

Precious Solutions is a coaching service that provides you with the experience of transforming your identity through self-discovery, self-empowerment, self-development, love and awareness. ​

Imagine what it would feel like to finally feel fulfilled in your sense of self, to move confidently and without doubt in your abilities and your achievement towards your desires? 

Do you know it's possible? I've obtained it myself and I can help you to obtain it too. 

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Precious started modelling at the age of  17, it became an interest as people consistently advised her to try it out due to her long legs and features, she loved posing and acting different expressions from as young as 3 when her mother used to take a lot of images of her and cultural photoshoots. 
" I actually grew up with crippling anxiety and would literally run from the spotlight due to perfectionism tendencies and shame. Modelling actually helped me rediscover myself and my confidence, and allowed me to creatively express myself in a way that made me feel empowered... and that's why I'm so passionate about it!"

Now with 5+ years of industry experience, Precious has modelled and partnered with some amazing brands including; Caleño, Adebayo Jones, The Kemist, L'Occitane en Provence & Larsson and Jennings to name a few. She has featured in zines such as; GQ, SHUBA Mag, GUAP & Black Hair and Beauty Mag and is only getting started.



"Music is my soul's language"

I have always had a deep passion for music as I found it quite difficult to express myself and fit in with the norm. I always found myself feeling so drawn to music, it was the best way for me to connect & express myself. Music is something I feel through and it's deeper to me than the average.

My mum is a soprano singer, my dad played the saxophone, and Gospel music was a weekly thing, so soulful music was always a presence in music for me.

I grew up on the sounds of Neo-Soul and Jazz; Sade Adu, The Isley Brothers, Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese, Afrobeats; 9ice, 2Face, Olu Maintain, LKT and Wande coal; they became heavy influences on my sound and authentic energy.

My music is a chance for me to express myself and my emotions, my random creative sparks and findings through my personal expression.

I play the piano up to grade 5 and mostly by ear, I sing/poetic rap and jingles, and I write my own songs.


Click below to hear some of my music.

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In the year 2018, I was randomly gifted a deck of cards by someone who was briefly in my life. From around the age of 8 years old, I remember giving prophetic/psychic words and have been told that I had given psychic prophecies that came to pass. From pregnancies to new cars (down to the colour), to car troubles and healing messages.

Although, along the journey of development and getting caught up in life, I lost connection with that gift. After continuous heartbreaks and betrayals in my personal life, I was shaken back into this gift in the year 2019,  an unfamiliar world of intuitive readings came up on my social media, which accurately read my life at that time! It FREAKED me out (lol) and I remembered the cards I was gifted a year prior.

After spending some time with them, I used them to redevelop my gift and have since been able to give people guidance regarding personal issues that are consistently accurate, usually shocking myself as well as my clients! I was then led to open this service and from time to time offer support to those who need it. You may contact me through email regarding any queries or click below to book.