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Obsession with Subtle Authentic Expression

My passion lies in personal expression/experiences translated into artistic expression.  I have a deep appreciation for abstract yet minimalist aesthetics as well as fine arts.

My journey involves the experiences of various  cultures and environments,  which permitted me to  interact with diverse and passionate individuals during my upbringing.  This has influenced my perspective and subconsciously roots my artistic and visual expression through intersectionality. I strive to convey this perspective through my work.


Can You See Me Now?

Master's Final Major Project - exploring neurodiversity through fashion and styling.

For full access to concept and story please feel free to contact me through email regarding your interest.

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Embarking on a personal project that delves into the intersection of two cultures, I aim to create a unique fusion by blending the essence of a Nigerian engagement request with the traditional British tea party.

"I drew inspiration from the designers involved in this photoshoot - Denisa Marie and GZell, they incorporated fabrics reminiscent of teacup prints and unique textile textures. Around this time, I was surrounded  family members and friends entering the realm of marriage, which served as the inspiration for developing the concept further."

Models: Demera , Eddie Kidame

MUA: Lumi Farmer



This photography series, which I completed as part of my master's degree, delves into the intersection of femininity and masculinity within the context of queer women. My muse, Kaylighe Reid, identifies as a soft-masculine presenting woman who embodies both energies equally. My goal was to encapsulate this dynamic through her background in contemporary dance, alongside abstract movement, and the result is what I've titled 'W(H)OMAN'."

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Taking inspiration from the likes of Gucci and The Protagonist magazine, for this mini project I explore the perception of sensation - being someone who identifies as spiritual my aim here is to ignite the observer to explore intuition as a sensation in the same way we do smell, touch, taste and sight. 

BVLGARI, Tarot and sensations photography


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