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Precious is a multi-published model with 5 year of experience in disciplines including;

* e-commerce (fashion)

* editorial (fashion and beauty) 

* body parts (hands, legs, feet, lips)

Precious has worked with the likes of L'Occitane en Provence, LADBIBLE, Le Salon, Primury Shoes, Crowned Elegance and My Roial Ears, to name a few,

Precious has the ability to ensure her client's vision comes to life and has always received reviews confirming so. Attaching emotions and expression to her technique has always been precious' way of self-expression through acting and posing when it comes to her modelling style.


Creative Writer


The writer, the muse, the aura.

Precious' poetic identity remains a part of her that is mysterious and deep. Having been writing poetry from the ages of 8 and spoken word & short erotica from the ages of 15, Precious has a deep way with words. 

Precious has always claimed she is not the best with communicating her expressions through speech rather,

" Music, Poetry, Stories and  Spoken word  are the best ways I can express myself,  my feelings, perceptions and others that I find along the way."

Precious' passion for words are personal and she has desires to share them with the world once the time or opportunity is right.

To discover more you can drop me an email at:

P.S With Love

Precious Solutions Co.

Precious Solutions is a coaching service that provides you the experience of transforming your identity through self- discovery, self-empowerment, self-development, love and awareness. 

Imagine what it would feel like to finally feel fulfilled in your sense of self, to move confidently and without doubt in your abilities and your achievement towards your desires?


Do you know it's possible? I've obtained it myself and I can help you to obtain it too. 



Precious' connection to music runs deep in her blood. Growing  up as quite a peculiar child, struggling to feel accepted, seen or understood she would express herself through her love with music. This stemmed from her mother being a Soprano singer and her father being a saxophone musician with other influences such as; Sade Adu, Luther Vandross, Missy Elliot. Precious, musically identifying as MELOMAN3 is an Urban-Jazz Alternative Artist who creates soulful, energy addictive music of love, passion, intimacy and life. 

Precious is a Pianist who plays by ear and composes jazzy blues also. Since the ages of 14 Precious has been creating composition pieces, songs and music in her safe haven. In the year 2021 she aims to share more of this with supporters.


First single "4:Two" and Cover of "Drippy" Currently available on Soundcloud. 


Intuitive Reading Service

In the year 2018, I was gifted a deck of cards randomly by someone who was briefly in my life. From around the ages of 8 years old, I remember giving prophetic/psychic word, and was even as  told that I had given psychic prophecy's that came to pass, from pregnancies, to new cars down to the colour, to car troubles and  surprising opportunities. Although along the way of development and getting caught up in life I lost connection with that gift. After continuous heart breaks and betrayals in my personal life I was shaken back into this gift the year 2019. After a strange intuitive reading coming up, which accurately read my life at that time, I remembered the cards I was gifted a year prior. After spending sometime with them, I used them to redevelop my gift and have since been able to give people guidance regarding personal issues that are consistently  accurate, usually shocking myself as well as my clients! I was then lead to open this service and from time to time offer support to those who need it. You may contact me through email regarding any queries. 


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