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Talents & Portfolio

Examples designed by me

BIPOC Creative: London

A Young Woman Writing

Copy Writer

Corporate & Hobby Experience

I have always had an interest in writing, it's a natural gift, probably because I find communication to be so powerful especially when you actively listen to others and connect with emotions. 

I've worked with some amazing clients such as REDBULL & Netflix International with Ralph creative agency in social copy and strategy ideas for scripts, Ripple+ for social media consulting and community management, as well as other small start-up businesses for people in my network; and of course, owning my own business. 

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Creative Writing

Poetry & Short Novels

From as young as 7 years old I've had my poetry work published, I write poetry and short romance. This is quite an intimate part of self as I use it as a way to express my experiences of beauty, sensuality and emotions. You can find some of my work in the link below and contact me through email if you would like to discuss any work or opportunities. 

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Creative Strategy & Art direction 

Content and Photoshoots 

Being a creative is honestly what I've been born to do, no matter how much I tried to escape this reality it just got stronger and louder, I literally live with 6 million ideas in my head EVERY single day (lol). I consider myself an innovative mind, I love to share various creative strategies with different brands and clients, It's my favourite part of the Job! 

I have experience in set designing, fashion styling, content strategy, content execution, copy, improv, content management and art direction for music, brands and videos.

Get in contact if you would like to discuss potential work. 

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Web and Minimal Graphics 

I've been interested in graphic design from a young age and have taken initiative to explore this, from web design to logos, infographics and social media content.

Sharing my ideas and perceptions of different cultures, aesthetics and design is something I love doing.

For all creative artistic work of design, please find my portfolio below

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